North American Customer Centricity Awards

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Practical Habits for Fostering a More Customer-Centric Culture: An HBR Analytics Study

Knowing and acting on customer needs is perhaps the most important competitive advantage an organization can build.  And while most organizations claim to be customer-centric, few are able to translate their purpose into day-to-day operations and catalyze customer centricity into growth. In partnership with HBR Analytics, Gongos explored the relationship between a customer-centric purpose and its impact on the customer experience—and bottom line. In this session, learn what “customer-committed companies” are doing differently as they live out their purpose, and find meaningful ways you can influence your organization to do the same.


  • Get an exclusive look at how 400+ executives view the link between purpose, customer experience, and business performance
  • Learn actionable ways you can embed corporate purpose into your organization to impact better customer outcomes
  • Leave with a playbook in hand to inspire your organization to be customer-committed


Sam Herzing

Senior Strategy & Implementation Lead, Gongos
As a primary lead in Gongos’ Strategy & Implementation practice, Sam partners with client organizations to align cross-functional teams on a shared vision and path to success on complex business challenges. Her passion for the art and science of empathy in business is at the core of her audience-centric approach to effectively managing change. She works alongside client teams to navigate interorganizational dynamics, crafting clear communications that drive lasting impact.