North American Customer Centricity Awards

Grow Your Future Customer Value Through CPIs - Discovery Session

North America
11:30am - 12:30pm CT


Most organizations meet only a portion of their customers’ needs and, as a result, receive only a fraction of their value. Recent research conducted across 154 widely recognized brands quantifies the link between the outcomes that matter to customers (CPIs) and business growth (KPIs).

In this illuminating Discovery Session, see how this direct relationship drives a reciprocal value exchange among customers and corporations, and more explicitly:

  • Discover how Customer Performance Indicators (CPIs) are complementary to KPIs
  • Explore how focusing on top-priority CPIs can result in increased Customer Lifetime Value
  • Understand what the best-in-class 2021 Vex Award winners are doing right when it comes to delivering on CPIs


Camille Nicita

President & CEO, Gongos Inc.
Camille understands what it takes to make business decisions while operating in volatile environments and building strong cultural buy-in. She believes operationalizing consumer centricity through both ‘outside-in’ and ‘inside-out’ approaches is a differentiator to achieving organizational growth.

Sam Herzing

Senior Strategy & Implementation Lead, Gongos Inc.
As a lead in Gongos’ Strategy & Implementation practice, Sam partners with client organizations to align cross-functional teams on a shared vision and path to success on multifaceted business challenges. Her passion for the art and science of empathy in business is at the core of her audience-centric approach to effectively managing change. She works alongside client teams to navigate interorganizational dynamics, crafting clear communications that drive lasting impact.