North American Customer Centricity Awards

Discovery Session

Brand Loyalty: The Organizational Impact of Value Exchange

Customers’ lives are a constellation of brand interactions – and for brands looking to build long-lasting loyalty – understanding how to enable your customers to achieve their goals is essential, but also becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. Join Lisa Brink, Senior Director, Client Consulting and Jeannie Votaw, Strategy & Implementation Lead, as they explore the link between the goals customers value most and future customer loyalty.

Today, brands are expected to be so much more than just the product or service they offer, with customers’ expectations ever-growing and varied. For brands trying to find their foothold, it can be difficult to know where to start, let alone how to deliver on customer goals in a way that generates real business value. This session will reveal the link between brand loyalty and customer goals, providing brands with guidance and inspiration from best-in-class brands.

In this session you will:

  • Gain a macro understanding of the connection between brand loyalty and customers’ goals.
  • Learn about the underpinnings of trust and connecting that to the delivery of customer goals and brand loyalty.
  • Inspire your team by hearing what is making today’s leading brands stand out in an increasingly saturated world.

October 13th (Thursday) - 11:00 Central Time

The Speakers

Lisa Brink

Senior Director, Client Consulting

Jeannie Votaw

Strategy & Implementation Lead