North American Customer Centricity Awards

Customer Experience Community Gathering - Virtual Coffee Morning

Your opportunity to meet like minded CX professionals online for a virtual coffee morning. Discuss the Experience Management challenges facing your business and learn from the group

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Friday, 22nd May, 08:30 - 10:00 CT

The Speakers

Diane Magers, CCXP

Experience Catalysts

Diane is a passionate, experienced Customer Experience executive, change agent and sherpa for new and developing customer obsessed leaders. She believes that brands who win choose to focus on human and emotional elements of business. 

Diane has over 25 years of building and growing Customer and Employee focus. She is currently interim CEO for the Customer Experience Professionals Association. Most recently at AT&T, she led Customer Experience strategy by transforming customer and associate engagement. In 2011, she founded Customer Experience Catalysts as a consultancy and thought leader for organizations who were launching or progressing customer and employee experience to grow their brand value. She also developed and led Customer Engagement at Sysco Foods Corporation. 

Diane holds an M.S. in Psychology and an M.B.A. She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and also holds NPS, VoC and CEM certifications. 

Marlan Hardie

People Engagement officer, Worldwide Technology

Marlan operates as the People Engagement Officer for global service providers at World Wide Technology. With 20 years in the customer care industry and a consulting background, Marlan has worked with many of the largest call centers in the telecom, cable, financial services, media and entertainment organizations. He evangelizes that “the brands that deliver the best customer experience have already provide the best employee experience. 

Mark Hamill

CEO & Co-Founder, ARCET Global

Mark is the CEO and CO-Founder of ARCET Global. ARCET is an acronym for Awards, Recognition, Consulting, Events & Training. The organisation helps businesses do better by learning, recognition and demonstrable results. The North American Customer Centricity Awards is brought to you by ARCET Global. Mark has a long history with Customer Experience and Awards with background in Customer Experience Measurement before starting his previous awards company in the middle east back in 2013.

The Agenda

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Welcome and Introductions from Marlan Hardie

Introduction to the North American Customer Centricity Awards – Mark Hamill

Experience Management Open Floor Discussion