North American Customer Centricity Awards

Celebrating the most Customer Centric Organizations across North America.


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9 June 2023

Finalists Announced

3 July 2023


18 October 2023


19 October 2023

Reasons to Enter


Share your story and gain recognition for all the hard work you have put into becoming more customer centric.


Discover how your peers are becoming more customer centric through the initiatives presented.


Virtually Meet other customer centric organisations and CX leaders

Case Studies

Gain exclusive access and choose from over 100 CX case studies to attend, delivered by the finalists throughout the Finals.


Last Year's Participants​


Official Sponsor
Gongos, Inc. is the North American arm of global consultancy InSites Consulting. Partnering with insights, analytics, marketing, strategy, and customer experience groups, Gongos operationalizes customer centricity by helping companies understand and activate on customer needs.
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Category Sponsor
Cemantica is a “Customer Journey Management Platform” where you can build Journey maps, connect them in real-time to VoC data, manage the outcome through a CX program and build ROI on your CX projects. From strategy definition until the project delivery, Cemantica is your all-in-one Platform that centralizes your CX initiatives across your organization.
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Category Sponsor
The Customer Institute is an independent not for profit organization. Experts, practitioners, authors, and educators from the field of customer centricity make up our board of directors as well as the much larger group of contributors to our research and tool development.
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Official Sponsor
Worthix is the first and only conversation-based AI technology tool for customer decision intelligence that powers one-on-one conversations with customers, in any language and at any scale, to identify the exact reason behind a purchase decision.
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MarketCulture makes it easy to measure, understand and act on employee feedback to create better customer experiences
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ARCET Global Talent Management allows any organisation to fully understand their employees and how best to drive performance forward. It gives the world's greatest insight into a person’s character, not their ever changing personality, and identifies how they think and make decisions, how they are motivated to engage and identifies and predicts their behaviours on the job.
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Access to decision makers from over 120 companies from across North America

Promotion to a network of over 100k contacts through our partner networks

Be seen as thought leaders / solution providers to Customer Centric Organisations

Generate huge amounts of publicity from the pre-awards campaign and post event PR

Showcase and demonstrate your products / services to a large captive audience

Build your network and manage existing relationships at the event

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