North American Customer Centricity Awards

Celebrating the most Customer Centric Organizations across North America.

Grapevine, Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas

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Entry Deadline

26 February 2020

Finalists Announced

12 March 2020


22 – 25 June 2020


Join us at the inaugural North American Customer Centricity Awards week. Four days packed with customer experience stories, real world case studies, masterclass training and networking opportunities with leading customer experience and business professionals from across North America.

The programme is supported by respected thought‐leaders in customer experience from across the region.

Entries Open

17 July 2019

Entry Deadline

26 February 2020

Finalists Announced

12 March 2020

Masterclass with Ian Golding and Diane Magers

22 & 23 June 2020


24 June 2020

Finals & Awards Ceremony

25 June 2020

Feedback reports issued

July 2020

This Year's Participants

Reasons to Enter


Share your story and gain recognition for all the hard work you have put into becoming more customer centric.


Discover how your peers are becoming more customer centric through the initiatives presented.


Meet other organizations and industry leaders who are focused on customer experience.

Case Studies

Gain exclusive access and choose from over 150 customer centricity case studies to attend, delivered by the finalists throughout the day.


Score written entries

Each entry is around 1,200 words and takes approximately 15 minutes to read and score. This scoring is 40% of the final score.

Score the finalists’ presentations

Each finalist will be given 15 minutes to make their written entry come alive through their live presentation.

Provide written comments to entrants

Which go on to make up part of their feedback reports, helping them continuously improve.



Position your organization as thought leaders

Network with Leaders across the CX Community

Generate Awareness to Thousands of Companies

Be part of the biggest celebration of Customer Centricity in North America

Associate your brand with one of the most prominent brands across multiple sectors

Huge amounts of publicity is generated from the Awards Ceremony

Associate your brand with a leading programme focused on Improving Customer Experience

Marketing and communications campaign will cover the entire database of Business Leaders

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We are delighted to be working with some of the most prominent organizations and pioneers in Customer Centricity.


CX Talks

The goal for CX Talks is to bring together a variety of professionals from a wide variety of CX practices to meet, learn and share what each of us know about the growing CX profession.
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Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA)

Founded in 2011, the Customer Experience Professionals Association is the premier global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and cultivation of the Customer Experience profession.
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Media Partner

MyCustomer is Europe’s leading online resource for customer-focused professionals, with over 100,000 members. Sharing news, advice and resources on topics ranging from customer engagement to CRM, MyCustomer is a vital hub for business leaders looking to improve engagement and experiences across the entire customer journey.
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This guide includes tips to help deliver a great presentation to the judges at the Awards Finals.

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